Curricula Vitae

Dott. Marco Mataloni

Chartered Accountant – Statutory Avisory – Technical Office Consultant

Marco Mataloni was born in Florence on the 15th December 1955.
After attending classic high school, he graduated cum laude in the Economic University of Florence in 1979.
He has been a Chartered Accountant since 1980, Statutory Auditor since 1986 and Technical Office Consultant since 1987; he worked in Florence for most of his life, leveraging the heritance of his father, who was a lawyer, and mostly collaborated with corporate and holding company.
He’s been a member of Boards of Directors and Auditors of many corporates, including banks, and has been looking after many clients and their heritage passages within their holdings. He cultivates mainly international client relationships.  He is married and has two wonderful sons.

Dott. Francesco Mataloni

Chartered Accountant

Francesco holds the title of Chartered Accountant and he is member of the bar since January 2018. 
Since 2014 he has been working in Studio Mataloni for clients placed mainly in Tuscany, giving consultancy services and assistance to holdings and private entrepreneurs. The same year he attended a business English class organized from the Chartered Accountant’s Bar. He attended a, organized by the Commercialisti Bar.
He holds a Bachelor degree in Business Administration and a Master Degree in Accounting, which he obtained cum laude, with a final dissertation on fiscal law, focusing on the “Fiscal profiles in the generational turnover”.
In 2016 he focused on entrepreneurs’ heritages attending a  specialization course “The assets of the person and the entrepreneur”. During his internship he worked for an important fiscal law firm in Florence where he has consolidated his knowledge on various fiscal matters.
Today, he is specializing in fiscal savings (R&D Tax Credit, Advertising Bonus, Industry 4.0, Iper-depretiation, New Sabatini, Training 4.0), regional grants, agricultural companies and international relationships, after “Voluntary Disclosure” operations.        

Dott. Tommaso Migliori

Chartered Accountant – Statutory Advisory

Tommaso Migliori is a Chartered Accountant and a Statutory Auditor and is part of both bars since 2014.
After classical high-school back-ground, he attended Business Administration faculty where he graduated in 2010.
He started working for Deloitte since 2014 and he is part of Studio Mataloni since 2017.          
Since he was a student, he focused on took a master in “Management, law and sport business” and “Rethinking International Tax Law” by University Leiden; through these experiences, he first leveraged his know-how in sportive corporates and associations and then in international law, especially BEPS and the politics to face hawkish fiscal planning. Today he takes care of ordinary auditing and advisory, fiscal full fillings and tax returns, VAT, IRAP, CNM. He also is in charge of the redaction of Balance Sheets and cooperates with the other members of the firm in extraordinary operations (e.g. M&A, restructuring, corporate organization) and follows international law themes.

Dott. ssa Pasqualina Onesto

Chartered Accountant

Pasqualina graduated in Business Administration and Economics in the University of Naples, Federico II, after a Bachelor and a Master degree, in 2013.
From 2014 to 2016 she worked as a trainee to become a Chartered Accountant and she is now a member of the bar of Florence. She takes care of ordinary bookkeeping records of corporates and fiscal consultancy, connected to the different expiries of corporates and individuals (both employees and free-lances).

Dott. ssa Piera Virelli

Business Expert

Piera  graduated in Business Administration and Economics in the University of Naples, Federico II, after a Bachelor and a Master, in 2013. During her university career she has studied many issues in the tax area and in particular in the tax process. From 2017  she worked as a trainee to become an Accountant.
Currently she takes care of managing ordinary bookkeeping records for companies and support tax advisory. She also helps with VAT full fillings (periodical payments, invoices, Esterometro, and Intra models).

Dott. Luca Picasso

Chartered Accountant Trainee

Luca Picasso holds a Bachelor Degree in Business Administration, with a finance background,  from the University of Genoa and a Master Degree in Accounting from University of Florence. During his studies, he worked in a Real Estate firm, taking care of appraisals  and corporate valuation.
Since July 2018 he is a trainee in Studio Mataloni, in order to become a Chartered Accountant. Currently he takes care of managing ordinary accounting for companies and support tax advisory and corporate valuation and balance sheet analysis, finalized to extraordinary advisory. He is also specializing in fiscal savings (R&D Tax Credit, Advertising Bonus, Industry 4.0, Iper-depretiation, New Sabatini) and regional grants.

Rag. Silvia della Lunga

Accountancy & Commercial Expert

Silvia della Lunga è Ragioniere e Perito Commerciale.
Diplomata in ragioniera presso l’Istituto Calamandrei di Firenze nel 1986, ha partecipato ai corsi di specializzazione in diritto tributario e contabilità fiscale computerizzata presso la Provincia di Firenze, conseguendo la qualifica di addetto in contabilità fiscale computerizzata.
Ha svolto la professione di ragioniera sino dal 1988 presso società di rappresentanza e collabora con lo Studio Mataloni dal 2005. Attualmente  le mansioni da lei svolte sono da ricollegarsi principalmente alla tenuta delle scritture contabili di vari clienti, in particolar modo delle società di capitali, di persone e ditte individuali.
Fornisce inoltre supporto alla predisposizione dei vari adempimenti in materia IVA (Comunicazioni liquidazioni periodiche, Comunicazioni dati fatture, Esterometri e modelli Intra) nonché si adopera nella chiusura dei bilanci contabili con annesse scritture di assestamento.

Rag. Francesco Carleo

Accountancy Expert – LAPET qualified tax expert

Francesco Carleo is an Accountancy Expert graduated in the Institute F.S. Nitti from Potenza, title he holds since 2009 and from 2015 he became a LAPET qualified tax expert. He immediately started a career in a consulting firm in 2010, taking care of the various accounting of corporates, tax return, Vat forms.
Since 2017 he was Administrative Manager in the company dealing with bookkeeping records, payments to customers / suppliers, monitoring of company debts / credits and relations with banks.
Now he takes care of accounting entries, for both companies and individuals managing the closing of balance sheets, doing the reconciliation, cash flow. He also helps with VAT full fillings (periodical payments, invoices, Esterometro, and Intra models) and other recurring fulfillments like 770 Form, IMU Form, IRPEF Form.


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